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Major General Gagandeep Bakshi

Major General Gagandeep Bakshi

Joined the Army on 14 Nov 1971- our batch was pitchforked into the 1971 War for the liberation of bangladesh. Suffered max casualties.

Served in CT ops in Punjab as a Company Commander, served in Kargil as a Battalion Cdr and saw major action- was awarded VSM. Later Commanded a brigade in CT ops in Kishtwar and was awarded SM.

Finally commanded my Div Romeo Force again in CT ops in Rajouri- Punch.Served twice in MO directorateTaught at the IMA, Staff College and the National Defense College. Retired in 2008.

Did my Phd from the University of Madras. Was Deputy Director research at Vivekananda Intl Foundation and now Distinguished Fellow with the Centre for Airpower Studies. Am doing Editor of Defense & Security Alert Magazine .

Have published over 25 books and some 200 papers in research/ military journals.

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