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Morality is a value. Humanity is your nature

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It is only because the essential nature of people’s humanity has been suppressed in so many ways, that the substitute of morality has been brought to bring some order to your life. Right now if you take away morality, a lot of people will behave like animals. This has happened because we have not done anything to keep our humanity awake and alive all the time. Because humanity has been killed, morality has come as a substitute, to bring some sense of order and sanity into yourself and to the situation around you. If your humanity was in full force, would you need morality? No.

The more moralistic somebody around you is, the more you do not want to be with him. Have you not noticed this? Morality is a value; humanity is your nature. You are a human being. It is not an idea. It is a reality. So all you have to do is stir up that humanity in the human heart then you will see, people will be just fine.

Right now we frozen the humanity in us and we are trying to pretend to be human beings with morality. Right now in one way what yoga means is, the word ‘Yoga’ literally means ‘union’. That means in your experience everything has become one.

Right now you are standing here, suppose for one moment you experienced all the people around you as yourself or a part of yourself, after that nobody would have to teach you morals.
So what we need is active, live humanity, not morality.

Source by Hindustan Times 31-December-2016 | Page 14

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