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Self-development is difficult, but not unattainable

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Devinder Singh

It does not matter how much you develop your skills to improve the various aspects of your life, there is always a vacuum left and always scope for improvement. There is no specified or unique tool that helps achieve perfection I life; rather improving is a continuing, never ending process.

People want to lead a healthy life by being productive and fit. This is also a way to be happy. But being physically fit today does not mean that you will be fit six months from now.

Moreover, what would you do after achieving perfection in an area of interest? It’s very simple – use all your resources in order to create and maintain the good habits you have so that the level of perfection and enjoy the ride without worrying too much about the destination.

It is also important to periodically analyze our thoughts and actions. It helps us understand our own creativity and motivations. To improve, it is essential to look within.

Further, our ability to improve is largely determined by our habits. Our habits influence the way we respond to any given situation, and ultimately define how efficient we become.

It is here that there is room for improvement. Without doubt, we have habits with are not entirely healthy or productive. To tackle this, have a positive mind and develop the willpower to improve.\

Create new habit that can help your improve and change those that are not so good. The use of technology and literature for this is advisable. So first accept your limits, and then go beyond them.

Source by Hindustan Times 16-September-2016 | Page 16

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