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We can hide our intentions from others, not ourselves

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Shivani Aggarwal

A man’s life is best exemplified by that of a farmer’s. The farmer sows the seeds and reaps the benefits in the form of fruits. The soil is like the material world and those seeds are like thoughts, words and actions and what we get in life is a result of these. Every action generates a force of energy that returns to us in some manner.

The nature of our soul is crystal clear. Listen to the inner voice of the soul to stay on the right path of karma or action. Our life is created by god. Everything is predetermined for instance the family that we are born into and to whom we will get married.

Although we are not aware of our karmic accounts in previous births, we can settle this life’s karma with purification. Polluted propensities have to be cleared. Concentrating in the present moment, clearing mental thoughts with a positive framework connects you with got the eternal power purifies the soul. For instance, when birds are alive, they eat ants. However, when birds die, ants eat them. One tree makes a million matchsticks. Only one matchstick is needed to burn down a million trees. You may be powerful now, but your circumstances can change.

Everything that happens is cause and effect and not by chance. If we wish our lives to be enjoyable rather than be one of suffering then change your actions in the present, by doing so we can change the direction of our life. Karma is powerful. Don’t hurt anyone. Be good and do well. Good intentions will always create good karma. We can hide our intentions from others but not from ourselves and the universe.

Source by Hindustan Times 02-September-2016 | Page 16

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