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Media Rising Intolerance?

Media Rising Intolerance?

Dear Friends,
This is a very important message if you care about the unity, peace and progress of India.
In the last few weeks, we’ve seen that media, especially the English Language channels and newspapers are continuously harping about things like ‘rising intolerance’ and making a big issue out of some isolated incidents which happened in UP and Karnataka. If you are foreign investor looking to set up some industry in India, you would certainly get scared looking at the evening English news shows (NDTV, India Today etc) and morning English newspapers (Indian Express, ToI etc).

But on the ground, we the common people of the country don’t see any such intolerance or hate crimes happening. We see that people of all castes, creeds and religions are going about their normal lives without any obstruction from anybody. Since Modi government got elected, no changes have been made to any laws related to social matters. Then why is the media ‘manufacturing’ these stories of so called intolerance? Why is the media laying the blame at Modi’s doorsteps for crimes that are taking place in states ruled by ‘secular’ parties like Cong (Karnataka) and SP (UP)? Why would channels and papers like NDTV, India Today, ToI, IE etc cause damage to the image of India just for benefitting anti-Modi parties like Congress, CPI(M) etc? Here’s why:

Pronoy Roy (head of NDTV) is married to Radhika Roy. Radhika Roy is the sister of Brinda Karat of CPI(M). Brinda Karat is the wife of Prakash Karat, ex-head of CPI(M)

Barkha Dutt of NDTV is currently married to Haseeb Ahmed Drabu, who is a PDP politician from J&K

Nidhi Razdan of NDTV is live-in partner of Omar Abdullah, former CM of J&K

Sonia Singh of NDTV is married to RPN Singh of Cong and a former minister in UPA govt

Rajdeep Sardesai of India Today (formerly CNN-IBN and NDTV before that) is married to Sagarika Ghose who is currently with ToI and ET Now (formerly CNN-IBN). Sagarika Ghose is the daughter of Bhaskar Ghose, who was appointed as Director General of Doordarshan by Cong govt. Bhaskar Ghose has been accused of doing financial favours to NDTV, his son in law’s employer.

Vishnu Som of NDTV is the son of Himachal Som. Himachal Som was then made Indian ambassador to ‘Italy’ by Cong govt. Reba Som is the mother of Vishnu Som. She is an ’eminent intellectual’. She has written books about Nehru and Congress.

Vikram Chandra is an anchor and the CEO of NDTV. He has been accused of money laundering to the tune of 5500 Cr for P Chidambaram from the 2G scam loot
(link here : http://www.manushi.in/articles.php?articleId=1749#.VjHTuH4rLIU )

Sitaram Yechuri is the current head of CPI(M). He is married to Seema Chishti. Seema Chishti is the resident editor of Indian Express, Delhi.

Sanjay Jha is the spokesperson of Cong and a frequent face on TV. Rajkamal Jha is his cousin. Rajkamal is the Managing Editor of Indian Express.

I hope now you realise why English language media paints Modi/BJP/RSS as a monster. I would encourage you to Google and verify the correctness of each of these facts. Forward this message to every Indian so that the real evil face of media is exposed. Our media is wolf in sheep’s clothes.

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